Dr. Jessica Walkenhorst - Publications


These papers are ordered by article relevance. This list contains only the publications related to the Nano-bio Spectroscopy Group and might not be the complete list of the author.

Tailored pump-probe transient spectroscopy with time-dependent density-functional theory: controlling absorption spectra
J. Walkenhorst, U.De Giovannini, A.Castro, A. Rubio
European Physical Journal B 89, 128 (2016)
Simulating pump-probe photo-electron and absorption spectroscopy on the attosecond time-scale with time-dependent density-functional theory
U. De Giovannini, G. Brunetto, A. Castro, J. Walkenhorst, A. Rubio
Chemphyschem 14, 1363 - 1376 (2013)
Anharmonic Noninertial Lattice Dynamics during Ultrafast Nonthermal Melting of InSb
E.S. Zijlstra, J. Walkenhorst, M.E. Garcia
Physical Review Letters 101, 135701 (2008)
Ab initio description of the first stages of laser-induced ultra-fast nonthermal melting of InSb
E.S. Zijlstra, J. Walkenhorst, C. Gilfert, C. Sippel, W. Toews, M.E. Garcia
Applied Physics B-Lasers And Optics 93, 743 (2008)