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Ground state and time dependent density functional theory (DFT and TDDFT): study of the goodness of some local approximations using as benchmark exact solvable many-body problems.
The objects of study are many-electron (2-4) exact solvable systems in one dimension, lattice models and three dimensional molecules described by pseudopotentials.
Within TDDFT study of memory effects by comparison of exact solvable models with real-time adiabatic propagation and in particular study of the exact adiabatic approximation and impact of the missing time non-locality to describe resonant field dynamics on observables like dipole moment and populations.
Study of the exact time-dependent Kohn Sham potential for charge transfer and local excitations, development of step and peak features in time.
Within DFT construction of a non-local density functional for ground state DFT using a tensor approach.

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Latest publications

Systematic construction of density functionals based on matrix product state computations
Michael Lubasch,Johanna I Fuks,Heiko Appel,Angel Rubio,J Ignacio Cirac1, Mari-Carmen Bañuls
New Journal Of Physics 18 , 083039 (2016)
Exact Maps in Density Functional Theory for Lattice Models
Tanja Dimitrov,Heiko Appel,Johanna I. Fuks, Angel Rubio
New Journal Of Physics 18, (2016)