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Biological molecules

My main interest is the study of optical response and natural and induced optical activity (circular dichroism and magnetic circular dichroism) on molecular systems. Excited states and charge transfer processes in complex biological structures with technological interest as photoelectronic devices (solar cells, bio-nanowires) using Time Dependent Density Functional Theory.

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Latest publications

Supramolecular assembly of diplatinum species through Pt(II)···Pt(II) intermolecular interactions: A combined experimental and computational study.
A. Perez, L. A. Espinosa-Leal, M.-R. Azani, A. Guijarro, P. J. S. Miguel, G. Givaja, O. Castillo, R. Mas-Ballesté, F. Zamora, A. Rubio.
Chemistry-A European Journal 18, 13787 - 13799 (2012)
On the Intrinsic Optical Absorptions by Tetrathiafulvalene Radical Cations and Isomers
Maj-Britt Suhr Kirketerp,Leonardo Andrés Espinosa Leal,Daniele Varsano,Angel Rubio,Kristine Kilså, Mogens Brøndsted Nielsen, Steen Brøndsted Nielsen
Chemical Communications 47, 6900 - 6902 (2011)