Dr. Letizia Chiodo

ETSF Associated UPV/EHU

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letizia [dot] chiodo [at] iit [dot] it
+39 06 4969 4282
Current position
Researcher at CLNS@Sapienza of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia IIT, Rome
Center for Life–NanoScience CLNS@Sapienza, & GCI Group, Physics Department, P.le Aldo Moro 5, I-00185 Roma, Italy
other wepgages:
http://abaddon.phys.uniroma1.it/index.php/group-members/lchiodo http://www.theory-nnl.it/pubblicationsnome.php?codicenome=191

Research Information

Research Overview
Bulk Systems and Surfaces

Metallic surfaces: copper, gold, aluminum
Alloy-metal interfaces: CoPt3/Au
Organic-metal interfaces: thiols on copper and gold
II-VI semiconductor interfaces and nanocrystals.

Response functions and Many Body perturbation Theory

Optical properties of metal surfaces.

Related Research Areas

Latest publications

Two-dimensional excitonic quasiparticles in a three-dimensional crystal: The case of anatase TiO2
E.Baldini,L.Chiodo,A.Dominguez,M. Palummo, S. Moser,M.Yazdi,G.Auböck,B.P. P. Mallett, H.Berger, A. Magrez, C. Bernhard, M.Grioni, A. Rubio, M. Chergui
(submitted), (2016)
Selenium adsorption on Mo(110): a first principles investigation
G. Roma, L. Chiodo
Physical Review B 87, 245420 (2013)