Dr. Marius Wanko - Publications


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Long-Distance Proton Transfer with a Break in the Bacteriorhodopsin Active Site
P. Phatak, J. S. Frähmcke, M. Wanko, M. Hoffmann, P. Strodel, J. Smith, S. Suhai, A.-N. Bondar, M. Elstner
Journal Of The American Chemical Society 131, 7064 - 7078 (2009)
Absorption spectra of p-Nitrophenolate Anions in Vacuo and in Solution
M-B.S. Kirketerp, M.A. Petersen, M. Wanko, L.A. Espinosa Leal, H. Zettergren, F.M. Raymo, A. Rubio, M. Brøndsted Nielsen, S. Brøndsted Nielsen
Chemphyschem 10, 1207 - 1209 (2009)
Assessment of semiempirical methods for the photoisomerisation of a protonated Schiff base
T. Keal, M. Wanko, W. Thiel
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 123, 145 - 156 (2009)