Dr. Seymur Jahangirov


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seymur [at] unam [dot] bilkent [dot] edu [dot] tr
+90 312 290 80 48
Current position
UNAM - National Nanotechnology Research Center, Ankara, Turkey
Bilkent University, Main Campus, 06800 Ankara, Turkey

Research Information

Research Overview

Calculation of optical, electronic, mechanical, and vibrational properties of low-dimensional materials from first-principles. Exploring wide-range of phenomena including; thermal stability, tensile strength, quantum confinement, sudden and adiabatic processes, Friedel oscillations, non-collinear magnetization, modulation doping and etc.


Stability, Hybridization, √3x√3 Structure, Silicite, Thermoelectricity, Nanoribbons

Other 2D Materials

Germanene, Stanene, Silicatene, MoSe2, Graphene, Graphane, III-V, BN, ZnO, SiC, SnS2, WTe2

Friction and Dissipation Phenomena

Frictional Figure of Merit, Superlubricity of Graphene, Fundamentals

Atomic Chains

Carbon Atomic Chains, 3d Transition Metal Chains, Chains Inside Tubes


Si, Si/Ge, GaAs

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Latest publications

Atomic and Electronic Structure of Silicene on Ag: A Theoretical Perspective.
Seymur Cahangirov, Angel Rubio
Springer Proceedings in Physics (2018)
Confined linear carbon chains as a route to bulk carbyne
L. Shi, P. Rohringer, K. Suenaga, Y. Niimi, J. Kotakoski, J.C. Meyer, H. Peterlik, M. Wanko, S. Cahangirov, A. Rubio, Z.J. Lapin, L. Novotny, P. Ayala, T. Pichler
Nature Materials 15, 634 - 639 (2016)