Publications: Electronic and Thermal transport


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Towards a description of the Kondo effect using time-dependent density functional theory
G. Stefanucci, S. Kurth
Physical Review Letters 107, 216401 (2011)
Comparative study of many-body perturbation theory and time-dependent density functional theory in the out-of-equilibrium Anderson model
A.-M. Uimonen, E. Khosravi, A. Stan, G. Stefanucci, S. Kurth, R. van Leeuwen, E. K. U. Gross
Physical Review B 84, 115103 (2011)
Time-dependent bond-current functional theory for lattice Hamiltonians: fundamental theorem and application to electron transport
S. Kurth, G. Stefanucci
Chemical Physics 391, 164 (2011)
Quantum transport through molecular assemblies
N.H. March, A. Rubio
International Journal Of Nanoelectronics and Materials 4, 1 - 7 (2011)