Publications: Foundations of Time-dependent Density Functional Theory


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Towards a description of the Kondo effect using time-dependent density functional theory
G. Stefanucci, S. Kurth
Physical Review Letters 107, 216401 (2011)
Comparative study of many-body perturbation theory and time-dependent density functional theory in the out-of-equilibrium Anderson model
A.-M. Uimonen, E. Khosravi, A. Stan, G. Stefanucci, S. Kurth, R. van Leeuwen, E. K. U. Gross
Physical Review B 84, 115103 (2011)
Strong electronic correlation in the hydrogen chain: A variational Monte Carlo study
Lorenzo Stella, Claudio Attaccalite, Sandro Sorella, Angel Rubio
Physical Review B 84, 245117 (2011)
Quantum continuum mechanics in a strong magnetic field
S. Pittalis, G. Vignale, I. V. Tokatly
Physical Review B 84, 245118 (2011)
Non-linear phenomena in time-dependent density-functional theory: What Rabi physics can teach us
J.I. Fuks, N. Helbig, I.V. Tokatly, A. Rubio
Physical Review B 84, 75107 (2011)
Time-dependent current density functional theory on a lattice
I. V. Tokatly
Physical Review B 83, 035127 (2011)
Reexamining the Lyman-Birge-Hopfield Band of N2
J.A. Bradley, A. Sakko, G.T. Seidler, A. Rubio, M. Hakala, K. Hämäläinen, G. Cooper, A.P. Hitchcock, K. Schlimmer, K.P. Nagle
Physical Review A 84, 022510 (2011)
Attosecond control of dissociative ionization of O2 molecules
W Siu, F Kelkensberg, G Gademann, A Rouzee, P Johnsson, D Dowek, M Lucchini, F Calegari, U De Giovannini, A Rubio, R. Lucchese, H Kono, F Lepine, M J Vrakking
Physical Review A 84, 063412 (2011)
Density functional theory beyond the linear regime: Validating an adiabatic local density approximation
N. Helbig,J. I. Fuks, M. Casula, M. J. Verstraete, M. A. L. Marques, I. V. Tokatly,, A. Rubio
Physical Review A 83, 032503 (2011)
Charge-transfer in time-dependent density-functional theory via spin-symmetry-breaking
Johanna I. Fuks, Angel Rubio, Neepa T. Maitra
Physical Review A 83, 042501 (2011)
Design of effective kernels for spectroscopy and molecular transport: time-dependent current-density-functional theory
Matteo Gatti
Journal of Chemical Physics 134, 084102 (2011)
Time-dependent density-functional and reduced density-matrix methods for few electrons: Exact versus adiabatic approximations
N. Helbig, J.I. Fuks, I.V. Tokatly, H. Appel, E.K.U. Gross,A. Rubio
Chemical Physics 391, 1 - 10 (2011)
Assessment of Dressed Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory for the Low-Lying Valence States of 28 Organic Chromophores
Miquel Huix-Rotllant, Andrei Ipatov, Angel Rubio, Mark Casida
Chemical Physics 391, 120 - 129 (2011)
Time-dependent bond-current functional theory for lattice Hamiltonians: fundamental theorem and application to electron transport
S. Kurth, G. Stefanucci
Chemical Physics 391, 164 (2011)
A unified approach to the density-potential mapping in a family of time-dependent density functional theories
I. V. Tokatly
Chemical Physics 391, 78 - 82 (2011)