FI-2014-1-0015: Thermoelectric energy conversion efficiency of nanostructures of reduced dimensionality


Status: submitted project

The thermoelectric harvesting could increase the efficiency of energy conversion processes, energy transport, and provide reliable source of energy in particular situations. The quest for high-efficient thermoelectric materials has provided some excellent results, but none of them has so far been competitive with other energy harvesting methods. Skutterutides belong to the class of materials which has shown some promising features and some high figure of merit. In this project, we will consider the effect of reduced dimensionality (nano-wire, nano-ribbons, membranes), filling of the cage with different atoms, and surface oxidation or hydrogenation on the figure of merit.


Roberto D'Agosta
Kaike Yang
Robert Biele
Seymur Cahangirov
Angel Rubio

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