The group offers different types of training. We participate in the Master and PhD programs of the University of the Basque Country with several thesis completed in the past as weel as in other National and European Master porgrams. On November 2010 a Erasmus Bilateral Agreement was signed with Università degli Studi di Catania. In addition, members of the group regularly give lectures at different schools for PhD students. We also organize the series of Benasque Schools on TDDFT.

We participate in the Research Training Group Quantum Mechanical Materials Modelling: RTG-QM3.

Angel has given the following IMPRS focus course:Time-dependent density-functional theory (TDDFT) and Many-Body Techniques (MBT).Seminar Room II, CFEL.From Monday 11/07/2016 to Wednesday 13/07/2016,from 09:00 to 12:30 

Co-coordination of doctorate and master courses

The notes for the lectures and links to the different schools can be found below


The tutorials will take place on Mondays, at 11:00am, in the usual seminar room, on the ground floor of the Korta building. Any space-time perturbation will be announced in due time. Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact Yann Pouillon.

Although not mandatory, bringing one's laptop is highly recommended, as all sessions are mostly practical. Please refer to the adequate persons / info pages to connect your computer to the network of the university. Please agree with your colleagues beforehand if you would like to share their laptop during the sessions.

Topics Teacher Date
Introduction to Quantum Espresso (1/3) Amilcare 2013-02-18
Introduction to Python Ask 2013-02-26
Introduction to Quantum Espresso (2/3) Amilcare 2013-03-04
The Nano-Bio website
Accessing papers from outside the university
Collaborative paper writing
Yann 2013-03-11
Introduction to Quantum Espresso (3/3) Amilcare 2013-04-08
Introduction to Yambo Amilcare 2013-05-06
Creating LibreOffice/Excel spreadsheets from raw data and 10 lines of Python Yann 2014-02-03
Performing calculations with the Atomic Simulation Environment (ASE) Ask
Extracting data from text files with Perl Yann
Using hardware efficiently (CPUs, memories, hard disks, graphic cards, networking, USB) Alejandro
Selecting adequate programming languages and algorithms for your projects (will include a part on numerical issues) Yann
Debugging Joseba
Profiling & optimisation (write & evaluate efficient code from the beginning, identify when to improve existing code) Yann
Basic parallel programming - Part I: multithreading & OpenMP Yann


Former group computer tutorials (by Yann Pouillon):

Individual tutorials

Individual tutorials tailored for your project can be organised upon personal request to Yann Pouillon. The following topics have been covered so far:

  • writing efficient makefiles;
  • modularising a project;
  • adding autotools support to a project;

and the list can be extended to any kind of computer-related topic. The schedule will be adapted to the availabilities of everybody. The homework will be designed to allow for a constant progression curve.