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Research Information

Research Overview

My research is basically focused on:

- Transient absorption spectroscopy;
- Laser-matter interaction;
- Electronic and optical properties of biopolymers;

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Latest publications

A TDDFT-based study on the proton-DNA collision
R.Seraide,M.A.Bernal,G.Brunetto,U.De Giovannini, A.Rubio
Journal Of Physical Chemistry B 121 (30), 7276 - 7283 (2017)
Simulating pump-probe photo-electron and absorption spectroscopy on the attosecond time-scale with time-dependent density-functional theory
U. De Giovannini, G. Brunetto, A. Castro, J. Walkenhorst, A. Rubio
Chemphyschem 14, 1363 - 1376 (2013)