Dr. Nicole Helbig - Publications


These papers are ordered by article relevance.

Discontinuity of the chemical potential in reduced-density-matrix-functional theory for open-shell systems
N. Helbig, N.N. Lathiotakis,, E.K.U. Gross
Physical Review A 79, 22504 (2009)
Exact Kohn–Sham potential of strongly correlated finite systems
Helbig, N., Tokatly, I.V., Rubio, A.
Journal of Chemical Physics 131, 224105 (2009)
A functional of the one-body-reduced density matrix derived from the homogeneous electron gas: Performance for finite systems
N.N. Lathiotakis, N. Helbig, A. Zacarias, E.K.U. Gross
Journal of Chemical Physics 130, 64109 (2009)